One & All Solo Festival Schedule of Shows

Janus Theatre Company presents ONE AND ALL: Solo Festival, featuring local and regional artists on stage at the Elgin Art Showcase performing one person shows.

Thursday, Nov. 13 at 7:30pm: Jeremy Schaefer’s Leaving Rambolia
Leaving Rambolia combines true stories about journeys to places like Machu Picchu and Amsterdam with hazy memories about a child’s imagined kingdom.  The lessons Schaefer learns navigating fantastical lands in his youth ultimately impact the choices he makes and adventures he has in the very real places he visits.  Stories comically and tenderly explore coming of age and the intersection between imagination and reality.  It’s an evening of comedy, spoken word, memory, and vulnerability. Learn more about Jeremy's work here:

Friday, Nov. 14 at 8pm: Jimmy Shay’s The Meaty Bits of Jimmy Shay and at 9pm: Kelly Bolton’s Lonely Flirty Weird
The Meaty Bits of Jimmy Shay is a deeply personal and hilarious solo show incorporating elements of storytelling, and sketch comedy – from growing up as a fat kid, modern concert etiquette and the death of his best friend. With nothing off limits, especially himself, Jimmy holds nothing back and gets in to the good bits, the real meaty bits. Kelly Bolton returns to her hometow with Lonely Flirty Weird and unpacks her cast of quirky characters as they continue to navigate through ups and downs and ups of life. Learn more about Kelly's work here: Learn more about Jimmy's work here:

Saturday, Nov. 15 at 8pm: David Maher's Coma Show and at 9pm: Eileen Tull’s BAD DATES, Or What Killed That Monkey In Indiana Jones Only Makes Me Stronger
The Dave Maher Coma Show is about one man's journey back from being in a diabetic coma for weeks where his condition was so dire physicians told the family to consider pulling the plug before he ultimately woke up. A smart and funny story about coming back from a strange trip. Bad Dates, Or… is a one-woman show about one-woman’s journey through the asteroid field of love, dating, and the filmography of one man. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…Eileen Tull fell in love with Han Solo. And then with a professor by day, loud-punching adventurer by night Indiana Jones. And then with the man behind the hat, the whip, and the tight space pants: Harrison Ford himself. But once the movie is over and the credits roll, how are you supposed to find the scruffy-looking nerf herder you’re looking for? Learn more about Eileen's work here: Learn more about Dave's work here:

Sunday, Nov. 16 at 2pm: Melody Jefferies’ Manic Pixie Dream Girl and at 3pm: David Boyle’s An Accidental Organist
Melody Jeffries plays sexy, bubbly, suicidal Harmony Story in this humorous and poignant one woman show (co-written by Jack Helbig) that recounts Harmony’s descent down the rabbit hole into a crazy wonderland of awful dates, failing relationships, pretty good sex, and screaming mad tea parties. Jefferies Here Lies A Manic Pixie Dream Girl has played at the Chicago, Elgin and Milwaukee Fringe Festivals. In 1991, David Boyle took over his ailing father's job as church organist & choir director. This solo show is a workplace confessional that explores twenty-five years of sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant interactions with the congregation. David Boyle's An Accidental Organist debuted in Chicago in 2010 and has since been performed at the Elgin, Minnesota and St. Louis Fringe Festivals. Learn more about David's work here: