Feedback File 1

We love feedback. After watching a show many times, you start to grow blind, and are no longer able to see everything as clearly as you once did. You get so close to the play and the actors and the space that everything becomes a bit predictable. That’s when the audience can come in and set you straight and tell you what is actually happening.

What is really interesting is how a group of people sitting together in a dark theater are watching the same play, but they are all having a different experience. It is quite personal. And the smaller the space is and the closer the actors get, the more intimate and immediate it all becomes. It is a fascinating process.

Here are some recent comments from audience members who attended the King of Shadows show. The comments originally appeared on Facebook praising the show: 

“Seeing a new play, one that hasn't been done to death, is an exciting experience. Janus Theatre's King of Shadows gives their audience this stimulating and well-crafted opportunity...see this show!”  - Pat Rataj

“Still thinking about Janus Theatre Company's latest play King of Shadows…So good in many different ways! Loved the intimate setting, spot on music, lighting, simple yet appropriate use of props, and amazingly believable cast. It was such great play to feature this time of year and a wonderful play on what is real and what is not, plus the reasons and motives of why we do what we do to "help others." A great play if you are one who works or volunteers in the non-profit world with youth, who believes that not everything in this world is explainable and cut and dry, and how our past unresolved issues can continue to effect the present. This coming weekend is their last so make sure to get out and go to a show and buy some Mama Lee's Gourmet Popcorn!” - Jennifer Benson

“I'm so pleased that I drove to Elgin to see the Matinee performance! [The] cast of four, each did an excellent job! As I sat watching, I couldn't help but look at the rest of the audience in the intimate setting and every person was transfixed and attentive. [The] use of individual lighting spots where we were allowed into the thinking process of the characters was brilliant…The cast has worked very hard to bring the play to life. I'm glad [we] were able to make it out yesterday and see the results of their work.” - Jessie Sylvie

One word that keeps coming up from many people that have seen the show is how “intriguing” the play is and how different it is from the usual mystery/thriller production. It is not easy to categorize.

And at the end of the show, we ask our audience to share with us what they believe. Without giving away too much, overwhelmingly most people say they believe in the King of Shadows, but after our most recent performance that balance almost tipped and went the other way. This just illustrates how each performance is constantly changing and evolving.